Deicide - In the Minds of Evil (Limited Edition Box Set) (CD)

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The latest DEICIDE album!

Limited Box Edition contents

  • Jewel case CD
  • Poster flag
  • Logo patch
  • Sticker


Track listing

  1. In the Minds of Evil
  2. Thou Begone
  3. Godkill
  4. Beyond Salvation
  5. Misery of One
  6. Between the Flesh and the Void
  7. Even the Gods Can Bleed
  8. Trample the Cross
  9. Fallen to Silence
  10. Kill the Light of Christ
  11. End the Wrath of God


If there's one thing that truly stands out on this Deicide record, it's the bombastic guitar solos. In place of the Hoffmans' unpredictable Slayer-esque soloing, we're treated to catchy melodies intertwined with some fretwork frenzy... cuts like 'Beyond Salvation' and 'Trample the Cross' that stand out as some of the best since 'The Stench of Redemption'... - 4/5