Demonos - From Sacred to Profane (Cassette)

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DEMONOS is an uprising Black Metal/Avantgarde band and is deeply rooted in the spiritual heritage of its home country India. It derives ancient esoteric wisdom from occult, nature & theology, which are then channeled in a very dark style of music, which barely comparable to something else. High priest Démonos Obscurís summons demons and enshrouded parapsychological spirit-beings - and they all follow the call!

Apart from every modernity DEMONOS present their own idea of possessed blackness, manifested in this demo. These hymns of transcendence can be described as an unheard mix of the abyssal and asphyxiating DEFUNTOS, the misanthropic anti-civilisationist movement of LIFELOVER and the occult intensity and classic massiveness of PEST's "Dauðafærð".


Track listing

  1. From Sacred to Profane
  2. A Clarity of Indignation
  3. Nibirum Solstitium (Surge Daemon)
  4. Aeonian Putrification - I