Ehnahre - Old Earth (Digipak CD)

Ehnahre - Old Earth (Digipak CD)

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The third album from the avant-death/doom ensemble EHNAHRE and the follow up to the critically acclaimed 2010 album, Taming The Cannibals, exploring their unique fusion of hellish death-doom, blackened prog, avant-jazz and experimental modern music composition, to earth-scorching result.

As terrifying as it is haunting, Old Earth is another intensely challenging and completely unique offering from EHNAHRE, who still sound like nothing else in the metal/avant underground. It has some of the most bleakly beautiful, burnt-out moments the band has brought us so far, and those jazz-influenced passages in the middle of the album are pretty goddamn stunning. Might be difficult listening for some, but EHNAHRE's otherworldly heaviness is immensely rewarding for the adventurous listener.


Track listing

  1. Old Earth I
  2. Old Earth II
  3. Old Earth III
  4. Old Earth IV


Rather this is immaculately produced and performed music created first and foremost for its creator's pleasure, and then, as an afterthought, released for the enjoyment of a select few masochists who lament the passing of Khanate and consider Neurosis a touch on the soft side. Utterly non-commercial, this is music crafted purely as a work of art and everything from the tar-stained production job to the amazing artwork speaks of care and love being lavished on this dizzyingly horrific record. This will be adored by those that understand its charms and comes highly recommended to those with the required fortitude to stomach it. - 5/5