Emit - Abortions (CD)

Emit - Abortions (CD)

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As the title may suggest, the majority of this compilation is from an unreleased album called Conscience, recorded 2006 through early 2007. Conscience was the intended album that Abortions became, for whatever reason it was never completed. Also included on this disc is material from two split releases that were never released. Death Musick (planned as a tape split with PTC on ALFT) and the planned MLP split with SYMPHONIA SACROSANCTA PHASMATUM. It also includes three extra unreleased recordings.

The recordings span pre-Sword of Death until just before the formation of HAMMEMIT, running the entire spectrum of what has become EMIT's sound. 16 tracks, 63 minutes.

And so with the Vision of 1682 demo tape and the recordings on this compilation the last of EMIT's scheduled releases are available. All except Mother of Blood of course, but we'll see what happens there.

The past now cleared up, the future is HAMMEMIT.


Track listing

  1. Behind These Eyes
  2. Decay and Arise
  3. The Return
  4. An Empty Room & a Mysterious Sermon
  5. Awaiting Ultimate Consummation
  6. Preco Preheminencie (The Herald Preceded the Prince)
  7. Waking Dreams
  8. Division
  9. Exhaling Life, Channelling Death
  10. Conveyance Church Essence
  11. Entering the Mysterious Unknown
  12. Neoclassical Death Trance Musick
  13. Forbidden Entry to the Temple
  14. Leading Light of Errant Children (Hammemit)
  15. The Oppression of Centuries
  16. Visions of Timeless Nought


The majority of tracks are solo productions of Emit's founder, Unknown Ikon (who has also guested with Autumn Wind labelmates Vomit Orchestra). Instruments employed include guitar, drums and various percussion, organ, keyboards (even a harpsichord on one track), field recordings, processing and distortion, with Bruder Unknown H. providing session drums on some tracks and Frater A. contributing vocals and 'additional old hair torture' to 'Visions Of Timeless Nought'. - 4/5