Eyehategod - 10 Years of Abuse (And Still Broke) (CD)

Eyehategod - 10 Years of Abuse (And Still Broke) (CD)

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10 Years Of Abuse And Still Broke is the only official live album from Louisiana's finest misfits. This compilation spans the group's entire career from their very first demos to live tracks recorded on last year's European comeback tour. The sixteen songs include four previously unreleased demos, four live in the studio cuts recorded 1990 on KXLU Los Angeles and eight live songs recorded last year.


Track listing

  1. Left to Starve
  2. Hit a Girl
  3. Depress
  4. Children of God
  5. White Nigger
  6. Depress
  7. Take as Needed for Pain
  8. My Name Is God (I Hate You)
  9. Lack of Almost Everything
  10. Blood Money
  11. Children of God
  12. Sister Fucker (Part I) / Sister Fucker (Part II)
  13. $30 Bag
  14. Zero Nowhere
  15. Methamphetamine