Grand Belial's Key - Mocking the Philanthropist (2012 Reissue) (CD)

Grand Belial's Key - Mocking the Philanthropist (2012 Reissue) (CD)

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A classic of underground US Black Metal! Although GBK's debut and released towards the end of the nineties, the album's roots stretch back to early second-wave era Black Metal and 1992's Goat of a Thousand Young demo! GBKs killer debut 1997 album!! 66 minutes. Vocals and drums from Black Lourde (CRUCIFIER, DECIEVERION) rest of the old lineup: Gelal, Der Sturmer and Lilith on keys.


Track listing

  1. Foul Parody of the Lord's Supper
  2. Shemhamforash
  3. Reflections of the Coffin Lid
  4. The Slums of Jerusalem
  5. Castrate the Redeemer
  6. Sumerian Fairytale
  7. At the Blessed Grotto
  8. Savouring the Virgin's Pessary
  9. In Rapture by the Fenrir Moon
  10. Demonarchy
  11. The Centaur
  12. Conspicuous Imagery Adorns the Nunnery
  13. The Seventh Enochian Key
  14. The Holocaust Trumpeter