Graveyard Dirt - For Grace or Damnation (CD)

Graveyard Dirt - For Grace or Damnation (CD)

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Three years after their highly acclaimed 'Shadows Of Old Ghosts' MCD, Irish doom veterans GRAVEYARD DIRT have finally finished their first full length album. Almost 70 minutes of melancholic and diverse doom/death with excellent guitar work in the vein of old ANATHEMA, MY DYING BRIDE and their countrymates MOURNING BELOVETH and MAEL MORDHRA.


Track listing

  1. By Wind and Time
  2. Daylights Wrath
  3. These Hands Defiled
  4. Enslaved By Grief
  5. The Search for Solitude
  6. Silence Awakes
  7. Solace
  8. A New Day Fire