Helheim - Av norron aett (2006 Reissue) (CD)

Helheim - Av norron aett (2006 Reissue) (CD)

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Re-release of this Viking Metal classic!
HELHEIM's 2nd opus, Av norron aett, was a big progression for the band. Released in 1997 through Solistitium Records, this album saw the band take their Viking metal to new levels with the use of mouth-harp, piano, trumpets, fiddle and female vocals together with the normal instrumentation.


Track listing

  1. En forgangen tid
  2. Vinterdøden
  3. Fra Ginnunga-gap til evig tid
  4. Mørk, evig vinter
  5. Åpenbaringens natt
  6. De eteriske åndevesenes skumringsdans
  7. Av norrøn ætt


I like this album and I'm not really sure why. Helheim are squarely in the Viking metal mould with this their second full length release. If you like Enslaved's, Eld, this will be your thing. - 5/5