Inferno - Metal Commando Attack (CD)

Inferno - Metal Commando Attack (CD)

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Norwegian retro thrash collection, tracks featured from:

Uberthrash II comp. 7" EP
Thrash Metal Dogs of Hell 7" EP
Uberthrash comp. 7" EP
Thrashing Holocaust comp. CD
Headbangers Against Disco Vol.1 comp. 7" EP
Uberthrash 2005 festival live recordings
Massacre In Hell demo tape 1995


Track listing

  1. Necromanteion (intro)
  2. Metal Commando
  3. Thrash Metal Dogs of Hell
  4. Death Squad
  5. When the Children Die
  6. Stabbed Woman
  7. Metal Attack
  8. Thrash Metal Dogs of Hell (live)
  9. Rot in Hell (live)
  10. When the Children Die (live)
  11. Roadkill (live)
  12. Metal Commando (live)
  13. Alcoholocaust (live)
  14. Violator (live)
  15. Tormentor
  16. Necroslut
  17. Metal Attack
  18. Stabbed Woman
  19. Ripping Hell
  20. Infernal Invasion
  21. Torment Her
  22. Infernö