Iron Maiden - Twilight Zone / Wrathchild (2014 Reissue) (EP)

Iron Maiden - Twilight Zone / Wrathchild (2014 Reissue) (EP)

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On the day this double A-side 7" was released the band were out on the Killers Tour and played a show that night at the Southampton show Gaumont Theatre. French rock band Trust were supporting. At the time, Nicko was drumming for Trust and it was during this tour he met and befriended the other Maiden members. This was also Adrian Smith's first single with Iron Maiden.

Part of the massive reissuing of IRON MAIDEN's catalogue on vinyl!

Strictly limited one-off run of the 7" singles from each respective album. Cut from the original analogue master tapes! Released with replica artwork packaging!


Track listing

  1. Twilight Zone
  2. Wrathchild