Kampfar - Djevelmakt (CD)

Kampfar - Djevelmakt (CD)

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Track listing

  1. Mylder
  2. Kujon
  3. Blod, eder og galle
  4. Swarm Norvegicus
  5. Fortapelse
  6. De dødes fane
  7. Svarte sjelers salme
  8. Our Hounds, Our Legion


This album marks 20 years for this band and it appears that they have no intention of slowing down. This also does not seem like a band that will regurgitate the same riffs just to put out an album ever two years. This album is proof of that. When one talks of a band "progressing" or altering their sound, this is an example of doing it the right way. There is no weak songs on this album. I have all of their releases and love every one of them and this one is no exception. This album is essential for any metal fan. - 5/5