Koldbrann - Vertigo (Digipak CD)

Koldbrann - Vertigo (Digipak CD)

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KOLDBRANN's latest album, released ten years after their killer debut Nekrotisk Inkvisition!

KOLDBRANN have been spearheading the Norwegian underground Black Metal scene since their founding in 2001. Their debut album Nekrotisk Inkvisition (2003) catapulted the band into critical acclaim and gained them a dedicated fan-base. KOLDBRANN's second album Moribund (2006) harvested even higher review grades and enthusiastic reactions. The Norwegians enhanced their status by a constant live presence. KOLDBRANN were invited by many prestigious festivals (Inferno Festival, Hole in the Sky, Summer Breeze and Party.San, ...) and toured with MARDUK, URGEHAL, TAAKE and ENDSTILLE among many others. Now KOLDBRANN unleash their third album Vertigo, which keeps true to the Black Metal root, but at the same time incorporates wider elements that also fuel WATAIN for example and even vintage synthesizers.


Track listing

  1. IntroVertigo
  2. Totalt sjelelig bankerott
  3. Hjertets Holodomor
  4. Drammen
  5. Stolichnaya smert
  6. Terminal Transnistrii
  7. Phantom Kosmonaut
  8. Goat Lodge
  9. I eklipsens skimmer
  10. Sans soleil
  11. Inertia Corridors