Lifelover - Konkurs (CD)

Lifelover - Konkurs (CD)

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Lifelover's third and latest album, continuing in the free-form vein of Erotik.


Track listing

  1. Shallow
  2. Mental Central Dialog
  3. Brand
  4. Cancertid
  5. Konvulsion
  6. Twitch
  7. Narcotic Devotion
  8. Alltid - aldrig
  9. Stängt p.g.a. semester
  10. Original
  11. Bitter reflektion
  12. Mitt annexia
  13. Spiken i kistan
  14. En tyst minut


All ingredients are present again; the poppish riffs under a layer of distortion, the demented spoken vocals and pained shrieks, the surreal crystal clear starry piano parts, the horribly-wrong-but-still-fitting samples, everything's present. Some songs or parts of songs are so obviously bad, with ill-chosen samples or painfully bad clean singing, that they become part of the sound after a couple of spins. The production is lighter than on Erotik, though still with a touch of density. At first this album may sound inconsistent, but keep putting effort into it and in the end it'll all flow together in one sixty-minute symphony of sickness. - 4/5