Minutemen - Project Mersh (CD)

Minutemen - Project Mersh (CD)

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I got it! We'll have them write hit songs!

Project: Mersh, a tongue-in-cheek half serious attempt at a mersh (commercial) record. Of course, the MINUTEMEN would not and could not write a hollow vapid pop record, and these are just as biting and soulful as the previous albums.
The difference? The songs are more than a couple of minutes long, generally with a chorus or hook, thicker production, and radio-friendly fade out. But this is still very much D. Boon, Mike Watt and George Hurley continuing what they perfected a year earlier on Double Nickels on the Dime. Includes a great cover of Steppenwolf's "Hey Lawdy Mama"!

We were sitting around and talking, "Oh, this next record, we want to do something different." We're good friends with many different types of radio personalities and they're always telling us "all you have to do is put a little more midrange in, cut down the EQ, put in this and that and you guys could be played right next to Thompson Twins on college radio," so we said to oursleves, "Let's try to do that." And, in doing it, it was kind of a joke, in a way, but it was also a wholesome try. - D. Boon


Track listing

  1. The Cheerleaders
  2. King Of The Hill
  3. Hey Lawdy Mama
  4. Take Our Test
  5. Tour-Spiel
  6. More Spiel


While the Minutemen were a band that followed their own creative path from the beginning to the end, Project Mersh made clear they could have followed a more easily traveled road and still made good music with plenty to say. - 5/5