Nihil Domination - Sado Perverser Goat Insulter (CD)

Nihil Domination - Sado Perverser Goat Insulter (CD)

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The command of Satan attack for all the flanks. Proclaiming the black holocaust for the victory, consecration and supremacy of Satanas.

Black death madness from Equador! Blasting war metal violence. CD reissue of the only album by NIHIL DOMINATION!


Track listing

  1. Seventh Ritual of Desecration (Intro)
  2. Raped Jesus Christ
  3. Goat Fornicator of Whores
  4. Nuclear Explosion in the Vagina of the Virgin Mary (Abortion)
  5. Recrucified to Beheaded Nazarene
  6. Ejaculator Goat Insulter
  7. Consecration of the Black War
  8. Vomiting in the Face of Jehovah
  9. Summoning of the Goat Lucifer
  10. Christ's Death (Sarcofago cover)