Permanent Midnight - Under the Blood Moon (CD)

Permanent Midnight - Under the Blood Moon (CD)

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Black/Death metal done in truly a unique way. It has the traditional black and death voice however done with real sincerity and very extreme. This also manages to blend both styles in a way not often heard. You will hear influences raging from early CRADLE OF FILTH, American death metal, Swedish death metal guitar tone and riffing, and a touch of doom/death metal. The songs are simple, well crafted, and played with great intensity. Features a member of FUNERAL DUST.


Track listing

  1. Wolf
  2. Fallen From Grace
  3. Carnivorous Lunar Activities
  4. The Evil In the Forest
  5. Sex and Gore
  6. They Feed In the Night
  7. Set In an Apocalyptic Sunrise
  8. Saved By Darkness