SSD - Power (CD)

SSD - Power (CD)

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SSD (SS DECONTROL) started out as a straight edge hardcore punk band with The Kids Will Have Their Say LP in 1982, their sound later became a thrash / heavy metal crossover sound on How We Rock 1984 and Break it Up 1985. Power contains material recorded between 1981 and 1985. Including from: Get It Away session, pre Kids Will Have Their Say, live at Santa Monica w/ GBH, How We Rock session, Break It Up session, Kids Will Have Their Say session, Unreleased track and more.


Track listing

  1. Glue
  2. Control
  3. Boston Crew
  4. Words That Kill
  5. Nothing Done
  6. Break it Up
  7. Remember
  8. X Claim
  9. Boiling Point
  10. Fight Them
  11. Forced Down
  12. What if I
  13. Screams of the Night
  14. Drug Fools
  15. How Much Art
  16. Wasted Youth
  17. Jolly Old Saint Nick
  18. Headed Straight
  19. On the Road
  20. Under the Influence
  21. Police Beat
  22. Baby Black
  23. Typical
  24. Get it Away
  25. Star Wars
  26. No Reply
  27. Francois' Journey
  28. Eighteen
  29. Infinit