The Infernal Sea - Agents of Satan (Picture Disc EP)

The Infernal Sea - Agents of Satan (Picture Disc EP)

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Lyrically the release revolves around two individual cases of Satanic killings.

Skinwalker tells the tale of Peter Stumpp (also known as The Werewolf of Bedburg). Accused of Witchcraft, cannibalism, incestuous relationships and intercourse with a Succubus. His sadistic nature led him to devour the brain of his own child and kill over 14 women and children. He confessed to gorging on their flesh and bones with an insatiable bloodthirst. Stumpp was commanded by Satan to commit these crimes. He claimed to possess a magical belt that would transform him into a werewolf whenever he wore it. No such belt was ever found.

Agents Of Satan documents the notoriously sadistic Ripper Crew. Killing in the name of Satan, this group terrified America with their campaign of hatred. No human was safe from the evil they inflicted. The Ripper Crew tortured, mutilated and dissected their victims before devouring their flesh and offering sacrificial trophies to Satan.


Track listing

  1. Agents of Satan
  2. Skinwalker