Lifvsleda - Sepulkral Dedikation (Digipak CD)

Lifvsleda - Sepulkral Dedikation (Digipak CD)

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Stating that black metal can be a rabid mystical experience might sound like a bold overstatement to most who dwell in this jaded age. However, it remains a profound, poignant truth to the select few. The latter category will immediately recognise the essence of Sepulkral Dedikation as black metal in its purest form. Words lose their relevance because this is, after all, an experience which must be felt intimately. It would be grossly inadequate to simply conclude that Sepulkral Dedikation consists of a succession of memorable riffs and hooks - that its breath-taking, bleak and melancholic atmosphere harkens back to the best of this genre from the revered 1990s, or that the vocal rendition borders on the fanatical and inhuman. Referring to compositions such as "Hâdankallad" or "Kallet" as monstrously epic is equally insufficient. Pointing out how the final mix was infused with additional grit, depth, and sinister substance through analogue mastering at the legendary Kerwax studio feels almost out of place. Sepulkral Dedikation is Black Metal; the select few will understand and shiver.


Track listing

  1. Sändebudet
  2. Lifvspänn
  3. Djefvulen
  4. Hädankallad
  5. Likbålet
  6. Dödspredikanten
  7. Evigheten
  8. Kallet