Macabre Omen - Anamneses (Digipak CD)

Macabre Omen - Anamneses (Digipak CD)

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Compilation of early material and a new 2019 song, "Anamneses from the Past (Sirens Calling)". Collects:
Olympus (Demo, 1995)
MACABRE OMEN's side of the split with GODBLOOD (7", 1997)
MACABRE OMEN's side of the split with WALHALLA (7", 1999)
MACABRE OMEN's songs from the None Shall Escape the Wrath 4-way split with JUDAS ISCARIOT, KRIEG and ETERNAL MAJESTY.

Anamneses is a mini album filled with memories and recollections that were gathered over a period of 25 years since the band's formation. It showcases an exclusive new track, the first one since the release of the sophomore album Gods of War - At War in 2015, an epic long journey in search of the Sirens and the pursuit of a mean to "forget" and move forward. The track "Anamneses from the Past (Sirens Calling)" essentially links MACABRE OMEN's past with the present and the future and has managed along the way to capture the Sirens' voices in their entirety for the first time ever. To compliment this cathartic journey we decided to add as bonus all the old mid 90s material, remastered from original sources and where possible also remixed. May past pains become future pleasures.


Track listing

  1. Anamneses from the Past (Sirens Calling)
  2. Olympus, Mountain of the Ancient Gods
  3. Cursed Aria
  4. The Waltz of the Nereids, of the Dryads, of the Nymphs
  5. The Past, is the Future, of the Present
  6. Voor Donker Zullen We Heersen
  7. We Won With War