Locrian - Infinite Dissolution (CD)

Locrian - Infinite Dissolution (CD)

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Experimental, avant-black metal artisans LOCRIAN return with Infinite Dissolution, another dark and cinematic work of exceptional aural artistry. More epic and foreboding than anything in the prolific trio's catalog, Infinite Dissolution was produced by Greg Norman (PELICAN, RUSSIAN CIRCLES) and is a multi-part concept album dealing with the struggle of extinction. A seamless and harrowing blend of dark ambience, drone, black metal, post-rock, and experimental electronics, Infinite Dissolution is the perfect manifestation of modern, forward-thinking experimental music.


Track listing

  1. Arc of Extinction
  2. Dark Shales
  3. KXL I
  4. The Future of Death
  5. An Index of Air
  6. KXL II
  7. The Great Dying
  8. Heavy Water
  9. KXL III


Locrian continue a series of impressionistic explorations devoted to apocalyptic apprehension—or "hymn[s] to the deluge," as they put it at one point here. Somehow, though, these soundtracks to oblivion come to feel redemptive and even empowering, like torches made only to work in the most extreme dark. - 4/5