Besthoven - Tears, Blood and Warsongs... (Cassette)

Besthoven - Tears, Blood and Warsongs... (Cassette)

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Dis-trax compilation from the one and only amazing war crust destruction from Brazil. 34 tracks of raw as fuck D-beat mayhem variously selected from new releases to the old classics. Highly recommended for fans of D-beat crust in general and for fans of this legendary total dis-cimex warshippers exclusively!


Track listing

  1. Tremores
  2. Projetos atomicos
  3. Massacre policial
  4. Seres deformados
  5. Chorando a guerra
  6. O enterro dos mortos-vivos
  7. Medo da guerra
  8. Nos campos de exterminio
  9. Bombardeiros
  10. O livro dos mortos
  11. Criancas que choram
  12. Desesperanca
  13. Horror apocaliptico
  14. More Victims of War
  15. Rest In Silence
  16. Vale das sombras, vale da morte
  17. Na camara de gas
  18. Rain of Death
  19. A Look at Today
  20. Death in My Eyes
  21. Hellblaze
  22. Life in Hell
  23. The Wife of Dead
  24. Blood Pain Death And Destructions
  25. Eyes Covered in Blood
  26. A maldicao dos corvos
  27. No Solution for Human Race
  28. When The Scars are Forever
  29. Just Suffering and Death
  30. Ready To Die
  31. A Builgind Full of Innocents if Bombed
  32. The Day of Hell
  33. Grave of the Fireflies
  34. Rain of Death (Live)