Bunker 66 / Barbarian - Split (CD)

Bunker 66 / Barbarian - Split (CD)

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One could say those bands were due to one day share a split in the first place... Let's face it, BUNKER66 and BARBARIAN have more in common than most: both bands are Italians, both are power-trios whose music is rooted in the 80's heavy / thrash scene, both have been officially endorsed by Fenriz from DARKTHRONE in his Band of the Week blog and both bands have had releases on Doomentia before. Oh yeah and born under the sign of the black mark, they both have the kind of 'fuck off' attitude that would make any emo fans weep! So this partnering wasn't simply due to happen, it HAD to become reality. So there you go, 25 minutes of glorious black / thrash / punk and whatever for all those warriors to headbang to until you bleed. A glorious throwback to CELTIC FROST and VENOM (BARBARIAN) but also DISCHARGE, BULLDOZER and SODOM (BUNKER 66) performed and produced the way it always should be! And to make the whole thing even more special, as an extra, both acts are paying tribute to their elders. While BUNKER66 have resurrected from the grave "Psychopharmax Convulsions" originally committed to tape by the obscure Italian hardcore band CONVULSED back in 1988 and blasted here in less than 53 seconds, BARBARIAN have chosen "Murder Angels" by the legendary DEATH SS, originally released in 1981 on Horned God of the Witches demo.


Track listing

  1. Bunker 66 - We Guys Are from Hell
  2. Bunker 66 - Tombatron & Tormentor
  3. Bunker 66 - Global Thermonuclear War
  4. Bunker 66 - Psychopharmax Convulsions (Convulsed cover)
  5. Barbarian - Useless Breed
  6. Barbarian - Wrath from Down Below
  7. Barbarian - Murder Angels (Death SS cover)