Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (2020 Reissue) (Splatter Edition) (LP)

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Classic debut studio album.


Track listing

  1. Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
  2. The Nightmare Continues
  3. The Final Blood Bath
  4. Protest and Survive
  5. I Won't Subscribe
  6. Drunk with Power
  7. Meanwhile
  8. A Hell on Earth
  9. Cries of Help
  10. The Possibility of Life's Destruction
  11. Q: And Children? A: And Children
  12. The Blood Runs Red
  13. Free Speech for the Dumb
  14. The End
  15. Never Again
  16. Death Dealers
  17. Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles
  18. State Violence State Control
  19. Dooms Day
  20. Warning
  21. Where There is a Will There is a Way
  22. In Defence of Our Future
  23. Anger Burning