Absolute Key - Taring the Horizon (Digipak CD)

Absolute Key - Taring the Horizon (Digipak CD)

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Taring the Horizon, the second album of the noise / industrial / black metal artist ABSOLUTE KEY (A. Klemi of CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS), shows more concentrated visions and songwriting but still the music follows its instincts and the call for chaos, songs varying from doomcrawls to raging walls of noise and from bizarre electronic beats to sinister synth-ridden black art. Lyrically Taring the Horizon paints a spiritual / metaphysical journey from this world to another, and maybe this all is connected to the modern world too...


Track listing

  1. Intro: Sinking
  2. Stream of Filth
  3. Fragments
  4. Out of the Depths
  5. A Shape in the Mist
  6. Cold Ravines
  7. Taring the Horizon
  8. Ascension