Atra - Of Demise, Evil & Necromancy (CD)

Atra - Of Demise, Evil & Necromancy (CD)

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This is a compilation of the first 4 ATRA demos, including the private ones unavailable for the public until now! This compilation is for those maniacs who missed out - this is ultimately your last chance to hear these works of Rotten, melancholic and vile black metal!!


Track listing

  1. Worship
  2. Atra Sacramentum
  3. Soul Demise
  4. The Altar
  5. The Chalice
  6. Black Elegy
  7. Beneath the Silent Souls
  8. Black Storms of Suffering
  9. Winds of Madness Obscure
  10. Twilight and Ruin
  11. The Darkest Salvation
  12. Harbinger
  13. Horizons Eclipsed with Burning Witchery
  14. Through Night & Bloodred Dawn