Bad Beach - Seasick: Songs from the Deep (2CD)

Bad Beach - Seasick: Songs from the Deep (2CD)

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This Double CD compiles all recordings by BAD BEACH, who hailed from the late 80's Leamington Spa hardcore punk scene.

Disc 1: Cornucopia (LP, 1987), Red Spot Demos (1988), A Collection of Tales, Folk and Lore (Demo, 1986).
Disc 2: Cut it Off (LP, 1988), The Bad Beach Trio - Sonic Sunset (Demo, 1995)

BAD BEACH hailed from the thriving late 80s Leamington Spa hardcore punk scene. Finally all their recordings are now made available on CD for the first time as part of the acclaimed Boss Tuneage Retro Series. Compiled in association with the band and featuring liner notes from guitarist Matt Jee, Seasick - Songs From the Deep features both of the bands albums (1987's Cornucopia and 1988's Cut it Off) plus a further 12 demo tracks, making a mammoth 46 tracks in total spread across two discs - with all tracks previously unavailable on CD before"


Track listing

  1. Morgan Le Fay
  2. Armageddon Song
  3. Bad Beach
  4. Septasalina
  5. Beach Patrol
  6. Dionysus
  7. Bad Trip
  8. Blind Fate
  9. Purple Indian
  10. Love On 45
  11. It's Always Better
  12. Victim Of Society
  13. All Systems Go
  14. A Zero Is Born
  15. The Puppy Killer
  16. Ended The Day
  17. Beach Patrol (Demo)
  18. Robot In The Alien Brainchild (Demo)
  19. Bleed Him Dry (Demo)
  20. Skull Rise (Demo)
  21. Armageddon Song (Demo)
  22. Everything In A Day (Demo)
  23. Love On 45 (Demo)
  24. Bad Beach (Demo)
  25. Cut It Off (Part 1)
  26. Wideys County
  27. You Are In Me
  28. Cut It Off
  29. Self Destruct
  30. The Big Whole
  31. You're Not So Big - You're Small
  32. A Good Time
  33. Inside
  34. Sweet Life
  35. Cut Me Up
  36. Burning Shoes
  37. You Fuck Me
  38. Snake
  39. The Fat American
  40. Slagheap
  41. Skull Rise
  42. Push And Pull
  43. Write Or Be Written Off (Bad Beach Trio Demo)
  44. DTC (Bad Beach Trio Demo)
  45. Something To Chew On (Bad Beach Trio Demo)
  46. Transient (Bad Beach Trio Demo)