Bandit - Play Fast or Die (Cassette)

Bandit - Play Fast or Die (Cassette)

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Debut album from Wilmington, Delaware's BANDIT. 19 tracks in 18 minutes - pure grain chaos... power violence that seeks to destroy all boundaries and crush the system.


Track listing

  1. P.F.O.D.
  2. Thrive
  3. Introxoutroxfuckyou!
  4. Live in Fear
  5. xtrendyx
  6. To Cross the Line
  7. You've Pushed Me Too Far
  8. Perpetual Being
  9. Die (death by Powerviolence)
  10. Forever in a Daze
  11. Hands on the Chopping Block / Waste Away
  12. Dismemberer
  13. Where's Your Head?
  14. That's Life
  15. Not Today
  16. Pig Roast
  17. Hellmouth
  18. Just Don't
  19. Pain