Finntroll - Jaktens tid (2008 Reissue) (CD)

Finntroll - Jaktens tid (2008 Reissue) (CD)

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The second FINNTROLL album.


Track listing

  1. Krig (Intro)
  2. Födosagan
  3. Slaget vid Blodsälv
  4. Skogens hämnd
  5. Jaktens tid
  6. Bakom varje fura
  7. Kitteldags
  8. Krigsmjöd
  9. VargTimmen (Hedningarna cover)
  10. Kyrkovisan
  11. Den hornkrönte konungen (Rivfaders tron)
  12. Aldhissla
  13. Tomhet och tystnad härska (Outro)


For those who have already listened to Finntroll but not this album I would recommend it, its not a big leap from anything else they've done so you won't be in for any unpleasant surprises. - 4/5