Master - The Human Machine (CD)

Master - The Human Machine (CD)

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One of the longest running battle-scarred veterans of extreme metal, MASTER returns with their most influentially outspoken album on "The Human Machine". Ingenuous yet uncouth metal is somewhat sporadic in recent times of the development of brutal music, but Paul Speckmann & Co. seamlessly delivers a bombardment of unpretentious, merciless audio assault in what should be sanctioned as 'Speck Metal'.

"The Human Machine" is an inexorable train-ride of old-fashioned jarring death / thrash riffs; with the inseparable crust inspiration for good measure and the razor-blade gargling vocals of Paul Speckmann is truly magnificent. The end-result is a devastating brew of incessant head-banging mayhem!


Track listing

  1. The Human Machine
  2. It's What Your Country Can Do for You
  3. Twisted Truth
  4. True Color
  5. Suppress Free Thinking
  6. A Replica of Invention
  7. Faceless Victims Expelled
  8. Worship the Sun
  9. The Lack of Space
  10. Impale to Kill


In almost three decades of Metal life and during a period where the market is being flooded with overproduced and hyperfast and technical Death Metal, MASTER remains one of the most "true" acts out there and definitely one of the most influential Death Metal bands after DEATH. Too bad they never made it big... - 5/5