Nomeansno - Mama (CD)

Nomeansno - Mama (CD)

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The debut NOMEANSNO album, recorded when the lineup comprised John and Rob Wright. New wave rhythm-heavy jazz punk..!

Bonus tracks include the complete 1981 EP Betrayal, Fear, Anger, Hatred. Also included are two live videos from 1981.


Track listing

  1. Living is Free
  2. My Roommate is Turning into a Monster
  3. Red Devil
  4. Mama's Little Boy
  5. We Are the Chopped
  6. No Sex
  7. Rich Guns
  8. No Rest for the Wicked
  9. Living in Détente
  10. Try Not to Stutter
  11. I'm All Wet
  12. Approaching Zero
  13. Forget Your Life

Review accomplished and impressive display of taut and direct lock-formation bass / drums / etc. simplicity. - 4/5