Onslaught - Power from Hell (2018 Reissue) (Digipak CD)

Onslaught - Power from Hell (2018 Reissue) (Digipak CD)

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Track listing

  1. Damnation/Onslaught (Power from Hell)
  2. Thermonuclear Devastation
  3. Skullcrusher I
  4. Lord of Evil
  5. Death Metal
  6. Angels of Death
  7. The Devil's Legion
  8. Steel Meets Steel
  9. Skullcrusher II
  10. Witch Hunt
  11. Mighty Empress
  12. Thermonuclear Devastation of the Planet Earth
  13. Power from Hell (Re-recorded 2011)


The production is rather dense and dark, with driving, crashing drums, a thick layer of menacing guitars, and a good bass presence (even if it just follows the guitars for the most part). This is probably best delivered via vinyl, like many old albums, but it still sounds great digitally. Many bands today are still aiming for this simplified and effective sound. Onslaught are certainly near legendary as one of the earliest sheer thrash/speed metal bands to embrace this occult style post-Venom, and an essential for purists. - 5/5