Metalegion - Issue 2 (Zine)

Metalegion - Issue 2 (Zine)

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Includes free 79 minute CD!

Highlights on this issue range from in-depth interviews with some of the top acts of the metal scene, like IMMOLATION, SODOM, RUNNING WILD or ABORTED but also covering the little gems of the underground like ADE, DEVOURER, GAME OVER or the cult act MORTEM.
It also features an extensive review section plus a Fall of Summer 2017 report and a retrospective of Ragnard fest.


Track listing

  1. Devourer - Insania
  2. Eshtadur - Plaguemaker
  3. Desert Near The End - Point of No Return
  4. Akephalos - Headless Demon Angel
  5. Stormzone - Another Rainy Night
  6. Septik Onslaught - Black Circle
  7. Wacht - Sunborn
  8. The Hole - The Sheperd of Souls
  9. Cranial Carnage - Bastard
  10. Aphonic Threnody - Life Stabbed Me Once Again
  11. Bloodphemy - Annihilation
  12. Inquiring Blood - Hell Commander
  13. Midnite Hellion - Enter the Nightmare
  14. Beyond Visions - Pay My Price
  15. Cauterization - Deflagration
  16. Mask Of Satan - Dread Spell of Azathoth
  17. Minneriket - An All Too Human Heart
  18. Black Serpent - Nightside Awake