December 2017 Post Dates

As usual we are here throughout December and the new year, so we'll be posting every day as normal. If you are looking to get your order by the 25th, take note of the following dates... if you can, order as early as possible (it's already getting busy)!


Last posting dates to arrive by the 25th (if you can, order before these dates)

UK: 20 December

Australia/NZ: 8 December
Germany/Poland: 12 December
USA/Canada & Most of Europe: 13 December
Ireland/France: 15 December


Deliveries will continue as normal except on the following days:

Sunday 24 December: no deliveries
Monday 25 December: no deliveries
Tuesday 26 December: no deliveries
Wednesday 27 - Saturday 30 December: normal deliveries
Sunday 31 December: no deliveries
Monday 1 January: no deliveries
Tuesday 2 January: no deliveries (Scotland only)