December 2021 Post Dates

As usual we are here throughout December and the new year, shipping every day. If you want to receive your order by the 25th please check the dates listed below.


An old carol by
Philthy Animal Taylor (1954-2015)
Fast Eddie Clarke (1950–2018)

Last posting dates to arrive by the 25th - please try to order at least a week before these dates
We are anticipating delays in November and December this year, especially if there are any new restrictions. If you are in the EU, the new border checks are likely to cause delays as things get busy.

UK: 17 December (2nd Class / free delivery), 20 December (1st Class)

Australia/New Zealand: 5 December
Central/South America, Asia: 7 December
Greece, Eastern Europe: 10 December
Canada, Finland, Italy, Poland, Sweden, USA: 12 December
Western Europe: 15 December

UK deliveries will continue as normal except on the following days: