Arghoslent - Hornets of the Pogrom (CD)

Arghoslent - Hornets of the Pogrom (CD)

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You reprobate! You are not holding the life-giving cross but a weapon, a weapon you would use to wound our heart. You and your accomplices, the people of this city, wish to turn over our patrimony, this great and blessed Novgorod, to a foreigner, to the Lithuanian King Sigmund Augustus. Henceforth you are not a pastor, not a teacher, but a wolf, a destroyer, a traitor, the torment of our purple mantle and our crown!

The latest classic album from Arghoslent, released six years after their second, Incorrigible Bigotry.

Totalitarian Death Metal. If there's one reason this band is sure to stand out, it's their extremely catchy guitar riffs. Not only are the riffs filled with energy, but they have a slight southern flair to them. This, when combined with the old school Dismember sounding death metal, gives Arghoslent an edge over similar bands.



They saved the best for last as The Grenadier uses a head-banging inducing main riff that explodes into some blast beat intensity. One point of interest are the awesome guitar solos that are tastefully inserted within these tracks. Based on the surrounding material one would expect intense fretboard mania like Morbid Angel or Slayer but these are more laidback classy. To illustrate this observation check out the simple yet evocative effort on the title track at around the 3:30 mark. Arghoslent has delivered a slab of excellent death metal that is both underground in its feel exquisite in the way they use their guitars. They have kept in mind that quality death metal is about excellent riffs and written songs to that end. It blows my mind that hey are not appreciated on a larger scale. - 5/5