Folcriht - Law of Sacred Ancestors (Cassette)

Folcriht - Law of Sacred Ancestors (Cassette)

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Mystical and ethereal ambient synth music from England. Somewhere in between what Dark Dungeon Music and Blême Euryale Records were releasing about 20 years ago.

Collects two demos: Sacred Land Of Our Ancestors and Law Of Blood And Folk.


Track listing

  1. Beneath the Burning Sun
  2. Soil & Blood
  3. Sacred Land of our Ancestors
  4. Through Fields of Past Glory
  5. Forgotten Hymn of War
  6. Awakening of a New Era
  7. Eyes of the Raven
  8. Call to Fight
  9. Law of Blood and Folk
  10. Towards the Ancient Forest
  11. Memories of Past Battles