Kola - Shchodry Vechor (Шчодры Вечор) (Cassette)

Kola - Shchodry Vechor (Шчодры Вечор) (Cassette)

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The only release by KOLA and the last release by the Flaming Arts label.

There is very little information about this young group but over the years I've tried to gather as much as possible. These performances have a simplisticly pure quality. The members were from Brest in Belarus, and performed ancient pagan ritual songs. They were also part of the Капища group. Their approach is very pure, with minimal instrumentation and choral vocals.
Most songs are preceeded by a Замова (Zagavory), these ancient folk poems of the Slavic pagans were spells or whispers in folk magic.
This album contains songs of the ritual 'Litvinskaya' dedicated to the annual pre-christian celebration of the end of the year (Kola - the wheel, a holiday also known as Kaliady). Christians would appropriate this pagan celebration and adopted it as 'christmas'.

Singers on this recording: Алег Сцепанюк, Iльля Пракаповiч, Марыля Лагодзiч, Таццяна Рэузiна.

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