Nargaroth - Prosatanica Shooting Angels (Cassette)

Nargaroth - Prosatanica Shooting Angels (Cassette)

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Bright guitars, screaming guts and some killer melodies. With this album Kanwulf follows his way to be different on each NARGAROTH release. Don't look for high produced sound, but be prepared to rape your hi-fi until it breaks. And maybe you are able to read between the lines and to understand.


Track listing

  1. Love Is Always over with Ejaculation
  2. Be Dead or Satanic
  3. Satan Industries
  4. Thinking Below the Ocean
  5. Black and Blasphemic Death Metal
  6. A Tear in The Face of Satan
  7. The Dark Side of the Moon
  8. Hunting Season
  9. I Bring My Harvest Home