Spear of Longinus - TYONS (Digipak CD)

Spear of Longinus - TYONS (Digipak CD)

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Digipak edition of the second SOL album!! Originally released by Vinland Winds on vinyl in 2002, reissued on CD years later, this is the latest version. Killer band taking influence from UK punk (DISCHARGE / EXPLOITED) and 80's extreme metal.

Inspiring music would be that with a passion, a driving urge... honesty and integrity, that has something to say - either of a temporal or numinous nature, and has the ability to... affect and effect. THAT is inspiring, something of the like worth emulating. Metal, generally, hardly ever has any one of such worthwhile traits, let alone all of them, so at most it's vaguely interesting but rarely inspiring... The 'outer reflects the inner', the 'muse-ik' being one of the records of who, what and where we are - nothing more, nothing less.


Track listing

  1. N.W.O.
  2. Nebularsia
  3. Volcanic Winter
  4. The Sine of Satan is 56
  5. Shiva Dancing
  6. The Piano Concerto 9
  7. Baggy Black (Not So Blue)
  8. Stuka Song
  9. Rommel
  10. Interlude


With dirty buzz guitar, rough vocals and ritualistic drums, SOL sound raw, simple, but it's still experimental, atmospheric / transcendental... One of the most original bands that I listened last times. Pure kult. - 5/5