13 Years Ago: AMESOEURS release Ruines humaines

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13 Years Ago: AMESOEURS release Ruines humaines

AMESOEURS released their debut, Ruines humaines, on this day in 2006.

Neige (ALCEST, MORTIFERA, PESTE NOIRE) formed the band in 2004 with Audrey Sylvain (PESTE NOIRE, ASPHODÈLE) and Fursy Teyssier (LES DISCRETS).

...this concept was already in my mind before I met Neige. I wasn't a musician at the beginning but a dancer. I was evolving around this concept with rock/coldwave/new wave choreographies I used to dance on, which were close to the style performed by Amesoeurs. Amesoeurs helps me complete my feelings through music.

Audrey Sylvain / Amesoeurs interview, Todestrieb Records, 2007

Of the three songs only the last, "Faiblesse des sens", is an AMESOEURS original. "Bonheur amputé" and "Ruines humaines" were both intended for MORTIFERA, the band Neige left in 2005. Listen to the excellent Vastiia Tenebrd Mortifera album for more.

Read much more about Ruines humaines in our full 2007 interview with AMESOEURS.