Custom Badges

Custom Badges

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Describe the design eg. Todestrieb logo black on white, Famine album cover.
That may be enough, but if you would prefer to send the artwork by email check the "I will email the artwork" box below and we'll wait to hear from you.

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You can order any amount of badges, each Design name will be a unique item. You can then change the quantity of each design in your cart.

If you are sending artwork either reply to the order confirmation email or write to:

Artwork recommendations:
At least 600 x 600px is recommended. High quality larger designs can always be shrunk to fit.
Accepted file types: JPG, PNG, TIF, EPS

You can include any other questions with your email, we'll read and check everything before sending on to production.

Badges are made in England, orders take on average 2-3 days to dispatch.