13 Years Ago: ONDSKAPT release Dodens evangelium 13 Years Ago: ONDSKAPT release Dodens evangelium

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13 Years Ago: ONDSKAPT release Dodens evangelium

ONDSKAPT released their second album on this day in 2005 through Portuguese label Next Horizon.

Dödens evangelium would be followed five years later by the third - and still most recent - album Arisen from the Ashes. During the 2005-2010 period members were still active in other bands:

Ondskapt had a long period of idle-ness after the release of D.E. this was due to that Nabemih had moved from Stockholm to a small suburbian area in the southern part of Sweden called Landskrona. He and I used to write most of all material for Ondskapt. We had plans for live shows already back then but when he left the process of future plans at the time where slowed down. He had all the reasons to leave this shithole of a city, I know the thought has crossed my mind many times my self. Shortly there after Wredhe was recruted to SHINING and the little contact that we have became deminished. I started recruting different people to the band but nothing held in the long run. Later I became involved with IXXI which turned out to be more and more time consuming, so I guess one can say that Ondskapt was pretty much dead for the time being. It was'nt until after the release of IXXI's Elect darkness album when the band split up entierly.
- Acerbus / Ondskapt interview, Heavy Metal Tribune, 2010