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15 Years Ago: ARKONA release Vozrozhdenie

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15 Years Ago: ARKONA release Vozrozhdenie

Many of my songs are filled with melancholy and pain for the past heritage, forgotten by my folk. The new songs are written more consciously because with life experience grows the wisdom, which can be reflected in creativity. I think there is no point in comparing the releases - they are different, the condition of my soul was not the same when I composed each of them. I think, to compare, analyze and comment - is a work of listeners and critics, but never of the author. I just can say, that I am sincere in my song, and I am just not able and don't want to do trends.

Masha Scream / Arkona interview, Prince Delu, 2009

Russia's ARKONA released their debut album Возрождение (Vozrozhdenie, Revival) on this day in 2004. Recording took place the previous Autumn at Lazar's C.D.M. studio in Moscow.