15 Years Ago: DEICIDE release Scars of the Crucifix

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15 Years Ago: DEICIDE release Scars of the Crucifix

The Hoffmans and Glen never really did get along very well and then later on, not at all. So after such a long time of that kind of thing I think everyone was ready for a break from each other, it's just who was ready to break from the band. They just happened to be the first to break off.
We were either gonna break up or do a record. We decided to do a record, but it was obvious that it wasn't a cohesive record because we were clearly not a cohesive band.

Steve Asheim / Deicide interview, Voices from the Darkside

DECIDE released Scars of the Crucifix, their seventh album and last with the Hoffman brothers, on this day in 2004.

"Fuck Your God" received coverage a few years later for its use by CIA interrogators in Iraq. The song, one of 21, was included on a list in a leaked document detailing some of the agency's sleep deprivation tactics. It fed into the larger discussion around torture at the time.

These guys are not a bunch of high school kids. They are warriors, and they're trained to resist torture. They're expecting to be burned with torches and beaten and have their bones broken. If I was a prisoner at Guantánamo Bay and they blasted a load of music at me, I'd be like, 'Is this all you got? Come on.' I certainly don't believe in torturing people, but I don't believe that playing loud music is torture either.

Steve Asheim / Deicide interview, The Guardian, 2008