15 Years Ago: GOATPENIS release Inhumanization

Daily Noise - / 2019

15 Years Ago: GOATPENIS release Inhumanization

We always try to give a chaotic atmosphere to our sounds. We are realistic and pessimistic without using artifacts of transcendetalism or exaltation of life. That's the album. The war as a motto of the final destruction of the human race !!!

Sabbaoth / Goatpenis interview, Templo del Diablo, 2018

Nuclear war metal. Brazilian cult GOATPENIS released their debut album on this day in 2004.

We don't care about the possible problems we have to face. We LOVE playing and rehearsing. I can't imagine myself staying at home without composing and meeting my partners. Something that motivates us to keep working hard is the large friendship we got during these all long years. It's fantastic.

Sabbaoth / Goatpenis interview, Metal Maniac, 2014