15 Years Ago: INFERI release Shores of Sorrow

Daily Noise - / 2021

15 Years Ago: INFERI release Shores of Sorrow

After 2 demo tapes on Northern Heritage Records, Inferi returns with debut full length album. Gone are the raw 4-tracker hiss and clumsy playing, and Inferi shows how their cold and melancholic midpaced / slow Black Metal works with proper studio recording. Excellent eerie riffs and compositions often using repetitive playing as tool to reach new dimensions of mental state. Overall style remains close to the earlier material, but with improved music and sound and subtle details (acoustic guitars, etc). Playingtime c. 40 minutes, regular jewelcase packaging and booklet including all lyrics. LP version autumn 2006.

Original label description

INFERI, the solo-project of Fyrdkal (KADOTUS, OBSCURE BURIAL), released Shores of Sorrow on this day in 2006 through Northern Heritage.

Prior to Shores of Sorrow, their only album, INFERI released two demos which were collected on Inferi, a compilation released in 2011.