15 Years Ago: NOCTERNITY release A Fallen Unicorn

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15 Years Ago: NOCTERNITY release A Fallen Unicorn

I really like when music goes beyond the typical black metal standards into a something like a dreamworld. That's why we use in some parts of the songs clean guitars and noisy backgrounds in order to transfer the listeners imagination into the abyss we created.

Khal Drogo / Nocternity interview, Krepuskulum webzine, 2001

NOCTERNITY released A Fallen Unicorn on this day in 2004, a relatively abundant year - for a band that has always pursued quality over quantity - including splits with AKITSA and MORRIGAN.

A Fallen Unicorn was first released by Debemur Morti on vinyl and later by Solistitium on CD. Solistitium became Omvina a year later and released another CD version in cooperation with NOCTERNITY's own label Kyrck Productions & Armour.