15 Years Ago: WYRD release Wrath & Revenge on Desolate Landscapes

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15 Years Ago: WYRD release Wrath & Revenge on Desolate Landscapes

Not an album, rather a compilation of songs from the Unchained Heathen Wrath demo, Songs of the Northern Gale demo, Of Revenge and Bloodstained Swords demo and one exclusive song. WYRD released Wrath & Revenge on this day in 2003.

I really wanted to use this anniversary as a way to mention the Glasgow label that released this compilation, Desolate Landscapes.
Formed by Lee H. in 2002, Desolate Landscapes released some excellent albums like KOLDBRANN's killer debut Nekrotisk Inkvisition, HATT's only album Recidivus in Obscurum, and WYRD-related VULTYR's Leviathan Dawn. The label put out about eight CDs before closing around 2004.

Old Desolate Landscapes news for W&R:

News Update - 17th Nov. 2002
We're also proud to presente that DESOLATE LANDSCAPES will release a CD with old demo tracks from the two cdr releases that are rare out of print (ltd to 188 copies and 250 copies respectively) plus three previously unreleased tracks from the Finnish heathen black metal band WYRD! More info to come.

News Update - 6th Des. 2002
The next release of DESOLATE LANDSCAPES, WYRD - Wrath & Revenge, has arrived and will be sent to the pressing plant on Tuesday!! Expect 74 minutes of epic, raw primitive black metal with great Heathen atmosphere!! More details on this release can be found on the updated Releases section. We anticipate this release to be ready in early January, should all go to plan.

News Update - 5th Mar. 2003
The WYRD cd has been available for one month now and is nearly sold out!! We recommend that you get a hold of this release before it is gone, most likely forever!!

Label biography:

Desolate Landscapes is a record label created during 2002 dedicated to support the continuious growth of the extreme black metal scene!!
Based in the desolate Northern lands of Scotland, the aim of the label is to release and distribute some of the most extreme dark music produced both in the black metal and dark ambient scenes.
In order to show that the label is not for commercial gain, in April 2003, Desolate Landscapes decided to make permanent the sale prices for cds, making it possibly the cheapest distro in Europe!
So far the plague hads been spread far and wide, several underground black metal and cold ambient hordes have formed alliance with the label!!
Coming from various lands such as Finland, The Netherlands, Germnay, Switzerland, Norway, Italy and Russia, Desolate Landsapes will look futher, and shall be announcing the first release from the American continent shortly.