17 Years Ago: DESTROYER 666 record Cold Steel... for an Iron Age 17 Years Ago: DESTROYER 666 record Cold Steel... for an Iron Age

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17 Years Ago: DESTROYER 666 record Cold Steel... for an Iron Age

...I think we'll have to record it on your side of the world. It's certainly the best thing I've ever been a part of, that's for sure.

Shrapnel has written 3 songs and Berzerker wrote 1 song. But as usual, they contribute bits and pieces here and there, which all adds to the final picture of course! I think Shrapnel's leads are an integral part of the DESTROYER 666 sound these days.

K.K. Warslut / Destroyer 666 interview, Voices from the Darkside, 2001

Over the course of a month DESTROYER 666 recorded their third album, Cold Steel... for an Iron Age, at Sound Suite Studio, Marseille, France; completeing work on this day in 2002.

Cold Steel... was the first album recorded in Europe after the band relocated from Australia in 2001.

We felt that we had played Australia so many times that we had exhausted all the avenues and opportunities that a black thrash metal band could have there. We wanted to see what the rest of the world had to offer. We couldn't afford to fly back and forth from Australia, it just wasn't logistically possible, money was tight and the opportunities are scarce when you're trying to organise tours and concerts from the other side of the world.

Living in Europe opened up possibilities for us as a band. Without doubt the European scene for metal is the healthiest in the world, there are so many different countries and cities that you can play. It's possible to easily play 30 or 40 date tours, performing every day to large crowds. To do that back home, playing the style of music that we do, is really impossible.

Shrapnel / Destroyer 666 interview, Metal Obsession, 2009

Cold Steel... was reissued by Season of Mist in 2011 with new artwork by Zbigniew Bielak.

Originally there were problems with the layout and cover. Season of Mist didn't like the original artwork, even though we did. They felt it looked too power metal. So we were given an ultimatum to produce a cover immediately or have a long delay with the album's release. Things were rushed through, compromises were made, mistakes were made and the end result left us feeling bitter. It was the main reason why we left Season of Mist when our contract ran out and went with the much smaller German label Iron Pegasus.

Shrapnel / Destroyer 666 interview, Metal Obsession, 2009